Welcome to Advantage Business Angels

Advantage Business Angels has been sourcing equity finance for early stage & growing businesses since 2003, since when over £25m has been raised in nearly 200 transactions with a historical success rate ahead of the market norm.

We have reacted to changes in the market place and with a greater number of new stage businesses seeking funding we have concentrated on higher quality opportunities. Over the last three years this policy has resulted in successful investment in 20 businesses, with 26 transactions, raising over £2m.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or investor, get in touch now and see how we bring together businesses seeking investment with investors seeking to offer funding and experience to produce a win for all.

We welcome enquiries from both entrepreneurs and investors and invite you to read further and find out more.

How we stand out in a crowded market place

A Personal Approach

People invest in people. Entrepreneurs who agree to work with us will have met at least one ABA Director as part of the process, likewise we avoid the “scatter gun” approach adopted by some networks and do our best to ensure that opportunities are presented only to investors we know.

We Are Selective

All angel networks will see many hundreds of proposals each year, and ABA is no exception. We therefore have to be highly selective as to which businesses we choose to work with, deploying our own considerable commercial knowledge and skills with over 100 years of combined team experience.

Wide Network

Apart from business angels we have connections with a wide range of other sources of funds including crowdfunders, other angel networks, SEIS, EIS and VCT Funds. If our own angels can’t help you we may be able to introduce you to someone who can.

Debt Finance

If equity finance is not appropriate for your business, you may wish to consider a loan and ABA has strong relationships with a variety of business finance resources including peer-to-peer platforms, asset finance providers, and invoice discounters.

You will Meet Investors

If we agree to work together you will have an opportunity to present to an Investor Syndicate and engage with active investors.

Post Investment Contact

We make a point about staying in touch with our investee companies so monitor progress and to be pro-actively to hand should follow on investment be required, as it very often will be.

Connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors

Are you an investor?

At any one time ABA only works with a small group of carefully selected businesses that are seeking funding. If you would like to see our current work in progress, then please register with us as an investor &  Read On !

Are you an entrepreneur?

If you have a well researched, viable business proposition but lack the financial clout to get it off the ground  Read on !

Some of our successful investees

Advantage Business Angels has been at the forefront of the business Angels movement over the past decade. Since 2003 they have helped over 150 small businesses find funding at an aggregate value in excess of £25 million.