Paul Meier


Educated Cambridge (History) and MIT, sloan School of Management (Financial Economics)

Career in newspaper publishing: director of Claverley Company (since 1985), the holding company of the Express & Star, Shropshire Star, and Guiton in the Channel Islands; director of Claverley technology subsidiaries, Press Computer Systems (since 1982), and Itex Ltd (since 2004). Key competencies: choosing strategic computer technologies; large system specification and design; market research; corporate finance, as pertains to private companies; and detailed pension and investment knowledge gained as a trustee since 1993.

Career in early stage business: founded Meier Pollard Limited to produce Inrax online accounting and ecommerce ( in 2000, sold on in 2008; 2005 funded and chaired Selectapension, the leading provider of online calculators to IFAs for pension transfers and management (; 2005 funded and director of Online Web Accounting Ltd (Ireland) to develop an offshore accounting and data entry facility in Sri Lanka, and an onshore front office in Dublin ( ,; 2007 funded buying the assets of Orchard Network from the liquidator into a Newco now called Rolonews LP, which is currently developing an online B2B and B2C news, advertising, and business networking proposition.

Early career in SMEs: 1991 Cranbrook Engineering Ltd; 1994 buys Golden Star garden machinery concession to import from Japan from receivers (10c in $1); 1996/7 buys Motorcare Products Limited; 2003 sells Cranbrook Engineering town centre site for redevelopment; 1994 founded Cedarstone Ltd, which became one of the early users of Inrax ecommerce, sold on in 2004.

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