A selective search for high quality opportunities

ABA takes a highly selective approach to the businesses we undertake to support in their fundraising. Each proposal received is carefully scrutinised by at least 2 Directors (all of whom incidentally are themselves investors) and while most propositions are rejected for various reasons, the few that are taken on have been well vetted and stand a better chance of getting funded and more importantly doing well in the future.

However we cannot advise or recommend propositions for investment, the decision to do that must rest entirely with the Investor.

We work with private angel investors; syndicates of angel investors; specialist fund managers  and small venture capital businesses. Pooling ideas and expertise can be a key strategy for successful investing.

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Advantage Business Angels is always looking for new investors, please contact one of our Directors for more information. If you would like to receive more information about the proposals Advantage Business Angels are working on please register as an Investor by filling in the short form below.

Registration is free, but by law we can only accept investors who agree to the Terms & Conditions. These are mainly here to confirm that:

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If you have any questions about the Advantage Business Angels service, please email John Rankin or call him on 07768 650 783

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